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About Us

Music therapists across Washington have teamed up to advocate for better policies that protect the public from harm, increase equitable access, and ensure the highest standard of care.

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Our Story

The Washington Music Therapy Task Force was formed in response to the increased demand for music therapists and the growing need for information about the benefits of music therapy, music therapy scope of practice, and inclusion in healthcare policies so Washington residents know their options when it comes to health care services. 


Since its formation in 2006, this advocacy effort has taken the task force all the way to Olympia to partner with state senators, house representatives, and other state agencies.

The Music Therapy Task Force Team is made up entirely of music therapists and community allies who are passionate about informing the community, collaborating with legislators, and standing up for Washington residents' needs.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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History of Licensure

After 16 years of persistent advocacy from the WA State Music Therapy Task Force and countless community supporters, SHB 1247 was signed into law by Governor Inslee. On April 25, 2023, Task Force members Megumi Azekawa, Evelyn Stagnaro, and Carlene Brown were invited to the bill signing ceremony by our sponsor Representative Reed, recognizing their tireless efforts to make this legislation a reality. This milestone marks a significant victory for music therapy in the state of Washington and will provide greater access to this valuable healthcare service for those who need it.

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