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Starting in January 2025, a state license is required to practice music therapy and call yourself a music therapist even if you hold an MT-BC credential. 

The state license establishes music therapy as a health care profession in Washington and comes with many benefits to music therapists and consumers.

Improved Client & Patient Safety

State-specific path for reporting unethical and unsafe practices

Professional Recognition & Interdisciplinary Inclusion

Opportunities for inclusion where license was required

Standardized Qualifications & Competencies

Sate-specific standards for training and continuing education

Foundation for Seeking Reimbursement

Could provided basis for out-of-network inclusion and other 3rd party reimbursement

Legal Remedies for Misrepresentation

Legal support for misuse of music therapy title

Improved Employment Opportunities

State-funded opportunities could include special education, corrections, and in-patient behavioral health facilities

Cost for License

License fees are set by the Department of Health based on requirements set in law and each licensed health profession must spread that cost among its members.


The more music therapists that apply for licensure, the lower the cost!

Cost Breakdown

2023 Subsidy

In fall 2023, the Task Force successfully lobbied the Governor’s office to attain a $100,000 subsidy to offset cost of the initial application fee.

Initial Fee

The cost for the initial application for a 2-year license is $300.

Renewal Fee

Renewal fees will be due every 2 years and 2027 rates are still being negotiated.

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Continuing Education

The Department of Health requires 40 continuing education credits every certification cycle (2 years) to maintain a music therapy license. CMTEs that satisfy your license requirement will also satisfy your CBMT requirement. Specific ethics CMTEs are required for your state license (two hours of health equity CE training every four years).

Maintaining certification from CBMT meets the CE requirements for the license. Exclusions will apply for licensees pursuing CE without maintaining MT-BC


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Stay in the Loop!

  • A recording of the Licensure Updates Q&A from May 19, 2024 is available on the MTAW website linked here. You must add it to your cart, but there is no cost. 

  • For more information, visit the DOH webpage on Music Therapy

  • Subscribe to DOH updates on music therapy licensure here

  • Attend the DOH Advisory Board meetings. Meeting details and virtual meeting links are on the DOH webpage and emailed directly to subscribers

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