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The state license establishes music therapy as a health care profession and lays the foundation for inclusion in state and private insurance plans.

Starting in January 2025, a state license will be required to practice music therapy and call yourself a music therapist even if you hold an MT-BC credential.

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Medicaid & Insurance Reimbursement

Fulfilling our commitment to increasing equitable access to music therapy, the Task Force has initiated a research policy phase of a Medicaid expansion bill.

Music therapists in Washington can bill private insurance companies out-of-network. Whether you're a music therapist or a music therapy recipient, we've compiled all Washington-specific resources to help you start the conversation with your third-party reimbursement provider.


The Music Therapy Task Force has decades of combined experience billing private insurance and negotiating for inclusion of music therapy in Medicaid Waiver programs. 


Advocate at Your Facility

As a Task Force, we've met with top administrators at state agencies to advocate for inclusion of music therapy at a wide variety of facilities within the full scope of music therapy practice. We've taken all the information we've gathered and the lessons we've learned along the way, and created informational resources to give you talking points when advocating for music therapy at your facility.

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